Chocolate Lovers!

Sweet – so are we!

And if you’re reading this, we’re pretty sure you’re not just a chocolate lover. You want to vote with your money. You want your decisions to count.

When it comes to responsible production and consumption, we believe the right choice should be the easy choice. And we know that the right choice is often hard to make. Who benefits from the chocolate you buy? What is the real value of a certification? How much good does it do for people or the environment? How do you know what to trust?

The good news is, you don’t have to trust us. You’ll have to take a few minutes to understand how Blockchain works, but don’t let that scare you – it’s simpler than you think.

Once you understand the power of Blockchain, you can see for yourself who benefits when you buy our chocolate. Just pick up one of our bars, scan the code on the back, and follow your ingredients back to their source.



But that’s not all. By indulging your sweet tooth, you’re building lives with dignity by keeping cacao farmers in Colombia away from farming illegal crops like coca, the raw ingredient in cocaine, which was at the centre of the country’s 50+ year war.

Yep, you’re a peacebuilder now. You’re lifting women and youth out of poverty. You’re conserving rainforest. And we can prove it. So thanks for your decision. It really matters.

We invite you to check out our White Paper if you’re curious about the details. And if you have questions or comments, we invite you to reach out and say hi!

How sweet is chocolate for peace…

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