Chocolate Investors

Chocolate Investors

Did you know that approximately 450 million smallholder farmers around the world together face a financing gap of a half a trillion dollars? This is a problem, because these are the people who grow our food.

If you’re reading this, you want to do good while also doing well. And we think that’s the way it should be. You’re interested in creating social and environmental impacts with your assets that you can pass on to your shareholders. Because they want our planet to be worth living on for generations to come, and so do we.

Your mind will always come back to one word: risk. And while we may look like we are in the chocolate business, or the international development business, or the blockchain business, we are actually in the risk mitigation business.

We get it – small farmers are about a risky an investment as they come. They are ex-cocaine producers and war victims. They may have low literacy rates, no financial statements, or no collateral.

But they have access to international markets, and we can prove it. We’re also working to connect them to crop insurance and capacity building services. And to Colombian government programs like the crop substitution program. All this means you get your money back, and you can blend your capital, and your risk, with other actors on our platform.





Moreover, they are aggregated through cooperatives, so you aren’t doing microfinance. You want bankable projects, and a reasonable rate of return, without a huge administrative load.

We use smart-contract Blockchain technology to demonstrate with immutable transparency not only that our farmers have access to a buyer, but we can also demonstrate the socioeconomic and environmental impacts that your investments will have, measured in alignment with six of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

If we’ve still got your attention and you want to know more, contact Matt Whiteman, Partnership and Growth Manager, at

Also, check out our White Paper if you want to understand the model a little better.

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