We transform Colombia’s peasant farmers into cacao entrepreneurs through the power of blockchain technology

Choco4Peace enables vulnerable Colombian farmers to improve their lives by finding markets for their  cacao, allowing them to escape poverty and conflict. Our social enterprise supports constructing and sustaining peace by generating positive socioeconomic and environmental outcomes in post-conflict regions through the empowerment of women, youth and indigenous people in the cacao sectors providing access to markets, financial models and the technology of the future: Blockchain.

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WE Build lives with dignity

How cacao supports the Peacebuilding?

Colombia’s conflict effects are in fact much closer than we might imagine. Learn how we are stopping them!

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Which are the goals we have committed to?

Choco4Peace creates a future for people and planet, we align and measure the impact with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Why & How we use the Blockchain technology?

Choco4Peace has created a Decentralized Inclusive Economic Network to provide the hard working farmers access to markets, servicesfinance and a future

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With your help, we build a sustainable cocoa market together!



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