Building lives with dignity

Check out how Choco4Peace uses blockchain technology to support farmers in Colombia’s post-conflict regions in their transition to the cacao industry and support our campaign.

Choco4Peace’s fino de aroma cacao, unique to the Colombian Andes, is exceptional not only due to its rich flavor, but also because of its potential for social impact. By purchasing our cacao, you directly support the livelihoods of farmers, previously involved in the cultivation of illicit crops, who are now seeking lives of dignity through the farming of cacao.

Choco4Peace uses smart-contract blockchain technology to demonstrate a farmer’s access to international markets, and equips them with the resources necessary to mitigate investment risk and ensure a return on investment.

Transforming Colombia’s peasant farmers into cacao entrepreneurs through the power of blockchain technology

Choco4Peace works to enable vulnerable Colombian farmers to improve their lives by finding markets for their chocolate-producing cacao, allowing them to escape poverty and conflict. Our social enterprise supports constructing and sustaining peace by generating positive socioeconomic and environmental outcomes in post-conflict regions through the empowerment of women, youth, indigenous and other at-risk people in the cacao sectors by providing access to markets, financial models and disruptive technologies

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WE ARE Building lives with dignity

How can cacao support the peacebuilding?

Although Colombia’s conflict may feel a world away, its effects are in fact much closer than we might imagine.

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What are the goals we have committed to?

Choco4Peace commits to creating good for people and planet, and we align and measure our work with six of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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How and why do we use Blockchain technology?

Choco4Peace has created a Decentralized Inclusive Economic Network to provide farmers with access to markets, services, and finance.

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With your help we can build a sustainable cocoa market together.



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